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Principal’s Message

sarataibIt is with great excitement that I write to you as the founding principal of TAL Academy. TAL Academy was born of the vision of dedicated individuals who saw a need within our community and felt compelled to fill that void. We are a school of excellence that meets the needs of students with language-based learning disabilities by providing focused, research-based instruction within an Orthodox yeshiva environment. Despite the herculean efforts of parents and educators, these young children are struggling to meet expectations within their mainstream school environments. The toll this takes on their self-esteem is incalculable. And yet, these are very capable and talented students. The dissonance between their potential and their school performance leaves them feeling confused and unsure of their own abilities.

Thankfully, we live in an exciting and pivotal era in the realm of educational research. While significant new advances in the science of reading continue to emerge, the most effective approach for teaching reading is clear. Similarly, we know a lot today about fostering the language development of students with processing difficulties; helping them to read and listen with comprehension and to express themselves both orally and verbally with clarity.

At TAL Academy, we are committed to providing our students with a stellar Judaic and general studies education within a warm and nurturing environment. We understand their challenges, but do not underestimate their strengths. We believe in a dynamic model of collaboration so that all professionals are focused on the singular goal of helping our students flourish, both within our classrooms and within their Jewish communities. We are excited to partner with parents in the chinuch of their children and know how crucial that bond will be in fostering their academic, social, and spiritual growth.

I am inspired by the dedication of the parents and children I am meeting. I am honored to be part of a team of educators par excellence who share the same passion and vision for the school. I am humbled by the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children at these most crucial stages of their growth, allowing them to know for themselves the great potential that they have and the cherished role they play within our Jewish community.

Sara Taib