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Why a special school?

TAL students have come from schools in which they have struggled, where educational approaches and teacher training do not meet their learning needs.

TAL offers a research-based, direct, multi-sensory, explicit,  instructional program with ongoing teacher training focused on the process of learning in the context of a dual curriculum.  Instruction can be individualized, enabling students to progress at their own pace, continue to feel a part of the group, and be successful.  Our dual curriculum assures that Judaic studies, crucial to our children, will be taught in ways that are accessible and consistent with the ways in which our children learn successfully.


What is TAL's homework policy?

As we teach children how to learn, homework is intended to reinforce what has been learned in school, not an introduction to new material. Nightly practice of reading comprehension, math skills, and Kriah are essential to consistency in learning. Projects that are designed to use newly acquired knowledge and skills will be designed as learning experiences. Homework should take no longer than 30 - 40 minutes each night.

Do you offer financial aid?

Yes. TAL is committed to offering financial aid, based on need and availability of funds. At TAL, we believe that financial need should not prevent students from receiving the highest-quality education possible. TAL strives to provide financial aid to as many families as possible. Parents interested in financial aid must fill out an online application through the parent portal.

Where do TAL families live?

Families come from all five boroughs, with the majority coming from 5 Towns, Queens and Brooklyn.

How long do students typically stay at TAL?

There is no typical length of stay for our students. Some of our students will be ready for a mainstream school after a limited number of years at TAL, while others benefit from the structure and support of our program through graduation.

Do you have an application deadline?

Though most families apply for the upcoming school year, we follow a rolling admissions policy and accept applications throughout the academic year for a limited number of seats.

What is required in an application?

Parents are requested to provide :

  1. Neuropsychological or psycho-educational evaluation completed within the last two years
  2. Report cards from last school year and current school year
  3. IEP if your child has been classified by the Board of Education
  4. Completed Questionnaire from your child’s current teacher
  5. Any other relevant evaluations if available (i.e., speech/language, occupational therapy). The evaluation must be less than two years old and within one year for 1-3rd Grade applicants.
  6. TAL application completed in full
  7. Any relevant documented medical information
What related services will the students receive?

Speech and Language, Occupational and Physical therapies will be integrated within the classroom.   Children are not “pulled out” of class, as that disrupts their learning experience. 

The therapists also work closely with the teachers to facilitate an optimal classroom learning experience.

What ages do you serve?

TAL is a grade 1-8 dual curriculum program. TAL will begin the 2023-2024 term for students in the 2nd-4th grades with plans for expanding the following year.

What are language-based learning disabilities?

Individuals with Language-based learning disabilities struggle with both oral and written language. They may have difficulty expressing ideas clearly, comprehending basic or more abstract concepts and using language for reasoning and problem solving. Language based difficulties can extend beyond academic demands and impact upon social and emotional functioning as well. Thus, acquiring effective communication and comprehension skills are vital for a child to feel successful across all domains. Skills and strategy instruction extend beyond formal classroom instruction into unstructured extra-curricular activities as well.