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Research-based instruction throughout the day

About TAL

Torah and Language Academy is a Yeshiva is Belle Harbor, NY serving students in grades 1-8 (grades 2-4 for year 1) with language based learning disabilities. TAL Academy uses evidenced based instruction to help children develop their strengths while remediating their learning challenges in a Torah environment. Our goal is to enable our students to return to their home school yeshivas with learning strategies, self-confidence and a love of Torah and mitzvot cultivated in their success.

If TAL Academy sounds like the right fit for your child, we would love to have you join our community. Please click here to request an application. We look forward to helping your child begin their journey toward a lifetime of learning.

Our Mission

TAL Academy seeks to provide students with tools to access an outstanding Judaic and general studies curriculum. We strive to provide children who have language based learning challenges the educational support they require to develop their individual strengths and talents in a Torah environment. Our goal is for our students be able to return successfully to their home school yeshivas with self-esteem, self-confidence and a love of Torah and mitzvot.


TAL provides a program dedicated to the success of students with language based learning disabilities. Grounded in Torah and input from Gedolai Yisrael, we cultivate research-based instruction throughout the day. Our students will thrive in a yeshiva environment that promotes literacy, encourages creativity, celebrates their unique qualities and provides a warm, structured environment.

Our professional learning environment is warm, friendly and conducive to individual growth. TAL Academy students will enjoy coming to a school where they develop a positive sense of accomplishment and self-worth.

Working as a team with parents and students, the TAL Academy faculty develops a unique plan for each student. This road map identifies the best approach for the student’s educational and social goals, changing over time to adapt to the child’s progress. TAL Academy encourages parents to be involved with all aspects of their child’s education. We believe that in the family and school working together to ensure their child’s success.